Rodol’f le Rouleau

Product name: Rodol’f le Rouleau

Intellectual property protection: Patent, trademark


Rodol’f le Rouleau (or Roller!) is a success story from one of our French clients working with our Paris office. The product is a rolling pin that contains the essential kitchen utensils, making it the perfect travelling companion especially for holidays and camping. Anne-Sophie contacted Innovate with her idea. We first advised her to look for a World Prior Art Search to establish the commercial viability of her project, but also to help in its future design.

Anne-Sophie then asked Innovate to explore different designs for her rolling pin by creating 3D photorealistic visuals. Seeing her project develop and with the support and encouragement of Innovate, Anne-Sophie decided to participate in the 2017 Lépine de Paris Contest, a very large marketing and media platform. To do this, Innovate helped her apply for a patent and made a prototype that she was able to present at the Competition. She won the gold medal. Since then, she participated in the French TV show “My invention is worth gold” in 2019.

Future plans

She envisions creating a brand with other products to add to the mix as well. Her advice for inventors about to develop their idea:

“Never give up, do not talk too much!”

From her relationship with Innovate, she says, “I loved collaborating with Innovate. Their designs according to my specifications were simply sublime. My imaginary object had come alive. I could not go back. Flawless responsiveness and a wonderful team!” We can’t wait to see how far this product can go! If like Anne-Sophie you want to embark on the design journey, and more information on how to develop your idea, request a free information pack today.