Smooth on the Move

Case Study: Smooth On The Move

Client: Rita Palmer

The Smooth on the Move product delivers a wide range of ironing pads which can be used on a variety of table tops, including picnic tables, coffee tables, dressing tables and more. Unlike an ironing board, the Smooth on the Move ironing pad adheres to various table top surfaces, making it ideal for using both in the home and on the go. Smooth on the move is not just a table top ironing pad, it has a multitude of benefits and can be used 24/7 such as sunbeds, removable baby changing mats, cushion for wheelchairs users and more.

The Project

The ironing pads currently available on the market, would not fit to different table sizes. Those pads which were available had a tendency to slip and slide about making ironing very difficult if not impossible.

The Process

At the early stages in the project, focus was aimed at finding a similar or product to the needs of the market. Where there were many ironing pads on the market, none addressed the issue. From this point Rita decided to make her own ironing pad. Innovate Design was contacted for evaluation, professional input on the design and marketing of the product. We started the process with a worldwide patent search, to ensure the idea was original. Taking the design and shape of the medium sized table into consideration, the first task was to design the product so that it could adjust to the various medium table designs. This ended up being a bit more challenging than expected. However, the end result was successful. After establishing the design, the process for finding the best material was needed. The challenge was finding a material which could withstand high levels of heat without combusting as well as one which would be aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the material had to double up and be waterproof. Rita applied for patent on the 25/03/2015, patent still pending, and EU registration was granted on the 22/10/2015. For those with an idea “ If they have the time and money and believe 100% in their product go for it. I would also advise them to go to Innovate as they give you so much encouragement and sound advice to move forward with your idea.”

The Results

Smooth on the move has successfully launched their product and currently offers the 8-in-1 ironing pad from their website. The product has been successful since its launch and has diversified the patterns available for the product. It is the hope of Smooth on the move to have more designs and ironing pad sizes in the near future.


“The service given by Innovate staff has been fantastic and faultless, from the first contact, to the finished item. The after service that I have received from Alex Bell I cannot fault , Every time I have contacted Alex either by phone or email with a problem or advice. he has been there for me with sound advice and sorted any problems I have had. Would recommend any one I know embarking on an idea to contact Innovate.”