The Kittle Case Study

Product name: The Kittle®

Product protection in place: Registered Trademark & Registered Design 

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The Kittle is a new type of sports bag for use in outside sports and gym settings that ensures the safety of all your belongings.

The background

Father and Son, Keith and Ellis, had noticed something about the sport and leisure world. “We had noticed that sports users invariably placed their belongings, including a costly mobile device, on the ground (behind a goal for example) where they were subject to damage and also exposed to the elements.” Much like many of the budding inventors we work with find, after seeing a simple problem with no known solution, it was difficult to ignore. This is when they put their heads together to think of a new innovative product. They thought of The Kittle. A stylish bag for outdoor sports as well as gym settings. Ensuring everything you take with you can be moved easily in one, rather than scattered around you as you exercised.

Working with Innovate

The new inventors contacted Innovate and started off the process with an essential World Wide Patent Search. Satisfied that their product was unique, Keith and Ellis visited the Design Studio to meet with our designers to decide the best way forward. They were keen to explore UK manufacture quickly, so our textile designer started immediate work to develop the design and explore the concept. This process ended with physical mock-ups the clients could use and test. The Kittle was brought to life with a water-resistant pocket for a mobile, a sturdy zipped compartment for car keys, cash, energy bar etc, a slot for your gym or credit card and a stitched flap to enable you to fasten your Kittle onto a fence. Innovate then provided Keith and Ellis with the designs and files that could be sent directly to a manufacturer to start production.

What happened next?

Keith and Ellis applied for a Registered Design for the product and a Registered Trademark on ‘The Kittle’. As any inventor will tell you, it’s not always an easy process, there can be challenges. After aiming to use a UK manufacturer, they struggled to find one. “We chose a manufacturer based in Hong Kong, as we could not source one in the UK. We did use a UK intermediary, recommended by Innovate, to act on our behalf with the manufacturer in HK.” With this, great achievements can come out of the hardest challenges. Here’s what they said their highlight was so far: “Seeing finished manufactured units delivered into the UK. We are two normal guys with what we feel is a niche product- it would have been easy to just not try this, so it’s very satisfying to know we followed our dream.” The Kittle is available to order on their website: They are advertising on social media and are optimistically continuing to approach companies to list the product.

Some advice from one inventor to another

“Be strong and believe in your product. Also be discerning in who you engage with – there are a lot of companies out there wishing to take a ‘piece of your pie’. Cover all alliances (whether proposed or confirmed) with confidentiality agreements.”   If you have a new idea too, send your idea in today for a free review.