Toes Cozy Case® study.

Toes Cozy® Case study.

Client: Gabriella Landini

Product License to Vagabondbags ltd

Toes Cozy® has a registered design

The Project:

Toes Cozy® is a hot water bottle that keeps your feet warm and cosy. You just add hot or warm water; it is very easy to use. In winter, Gabriella often suffers from cold feet and uses a hot water bottle under her feet. Although the traditional hot water bottle warms up under your feet, the upper part remains always cold, so, she came up with the idea to create a hot water bottle with 2 pouches so that you can insert your feet and keep them warm all  around.

The Process

In 2012, Gabriella approached Innovate Design. First, they did a worldwide patent search to see whether the idea was original and if it was not going to infringe on someone else’s patent. From the results Innovate designed and visualised Gabriella’s new product. After extensive research on the internet to find out well established manufacturers and retailers of hot water bottles, Gabriella obtained a licensing agreement with Vagabond in the UK.

The Results

Toes Cozy is now manufactured and her product is sold in over 250 stores all over the UK and Ireland, including TK Maxx, John Lewis, Fenwicks and in many pharmacies. She got her first royalties in November last year. When asked what tips she would offer to others, Gabriella says” When coming up with a new idea, look on websites and see if it’s already out on the market, if not, contact Innovate Design with a sketch of your idea. Innovate design will do the patent search for you first then they will design your sketch and will work with you until you are happy with the design of your product. Innovate Design will then guide you to do all the rest you need to do in order to take the product to the market.”

The Future

Gabriella is looking to expand and start distributing in the US.


“Innovate Design service is excellent; they gave me support from the beginning. All I had was a sketch of my idea, all the rest I was guided by them on what to do next in order for me to Licence out my design.” Gabriella