Innovative Beach Products: From Concept to Reality

The Market for Innovative Beach Products

Britons (and more than likely people from everywhere) love going to the beach to relax and enjoy themselves in the sun. However, a trip to the beach, whether at home or abroad, is rarely undertaken with some degree of advanced preparation. It’s quite common to hear discussions about “plans” or “preparations” for going to the beach, as the ritual is not complete without bring folding chairs, umbrellas, sunblock, frisbees, and sunglasses. With over 53% of Britons taking at least one holiday in 2015, there is a large market for new gadgets that improve the quality of one’s day out at the beach.

Their is a growing number of Britons choosing to spend their Christmas Holiday abroad, often times at the beach.

Inventions for the Beach: Ideas Supported by Innovate

Cuff Clip Bag – Protect Valuables at the Beach

Whilst on holiday abroad, friends Sue Tweedy at Jacqueline Crotty were victimized by 2 attempted bag snatchings within 4 days of each other. Realizing that their experience was a familiar one for many Britons relaxing on beaches around the world (and paying less attention than normal to their belongings), they decided to create a product that would help ensure the possessions were secure.

The pair approached Innovate Product Design, and had a worldwide patent search commissioned, along with a patent drafting, product design work and a business research report. The result was the Cuff Clip Bag, a bag that easily attaches to a sun bed or chair with a slash resistant KEVLAR® cuff that is hidden with a side pocket. A combination lock with 3 digits holds the cuff in place to secure the bag and one’s valuables. Today their product has won numerous awards and is sold online.