Innovate Product Design’s Support to New Designers

July 19th, 2016

Innovate Product Design is pleased to announce the recipient of our award prize in the New Designers event show. The award was given to Bryn Burbridge for his brilliant product called Sealocky which is a device used for locking bicycle and is built on the seat post. His idea shows inventiveness and commercial viability. Bryn just graduated from South Bank University.

ND 2

New Designers is an exhibition of fresh and innovative ideas from 3000 intelligent students. The idea is to create a forum for conceiving new talent into UK’s creative industry. The effort of leading organisations is seen here through their support for emerging UK design talents and creativity. New designers receive industry awards for their creativity and innovative ideas.

Innovate Product Design is a very experienced long established and recognised expert in guiding individuals to find out if their new product ideas and inventions have value and can survive in the market. With our well-talented team, we offer you services that will enable you to introduce your idea into the market at the right time. An example of our service is to help our client get a patent protection. A granted patent will give our client the right to prevent any other person from producing, selling or importing their idea within the geographical area.

For more information request our Info Pack- Inventing for Profit