Chop-cloc – new low cost energy saving device for sale

February 7th, 2013

Take control of your heating bills! Another Innovate client’s product is now available for sale.

Chop-Cloc reduces energy use by placing regular periods of ‘off’ time into your heating system. They call this ‘chopping’.

Try this quick experiment. Go and switch your central heating off for 20 minutes. Now go and switch it back on. Feel any different? No, you still feel as comfortable as you did 20 minutes ago. The heating is back on before your house has cooled enough for you to notice. You’ve just made a successful chop!

Chop-Cloc does this every hour automatically and you don’t need to be a scientist to understand that when something is off more it uses less energy.

  • Users save an average of 16%
  • Fully adjustable for maximum savings
  • Fits in less than 1 hour by a qualified electrician
  • Pays for itself in saved energy within 12 months
  • Designed to reduce the overwork of your central heating system

Visit the Chop-cloc website and get chopping now!

View Chop-Cloc website

When I began as a one-man-band with a concept, Innovate was the perfect partner; an ideal gateway into the world of IP, product design and prototype manufacturing. Their comprehensive approach is a very powerful tool for the first-time inventor. I recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable, talented and approachable team to navigate that critical first period of IP research, protection and translation to a living product.”  – Garry Stewart, Chop-cloc Founder.