Exciting new contacts in Africa

February 4th, 2020

Last month our textiles designer, Olivia, visited the Ghanaian embassy during their Garments and Textiles trade event.

The event was to strengthen the ever-growing links between Ghana and the British government when it comes to trade, specifically in the apparel industry.

Olivia with Comfort (LH) and Linda (RH) Owners of KAD Manufacturing

Olivia saw this as a perfect opportunity to network with industry experts in order to secure relationships for our clients to utilise, if they have a fabric-based invention. This event was in light of Ghana aiming to be the next go-to country for textile manufacture.

Olivia joined fashion buyers as well as government officials to meet 3 of the main apparel manufacturers in Ghana. She was also joined by Nana Akufo-Addo, the countries president.

The manufacturers showcased their use of sustainable and ethical resources and the ability to keep the entire cotton to garment process within Ghana (less cost to you!).

Olivia and Adjo, owner of Alfie Design

Of course, many fabric based inventions don’t always fall under the ‘clothing’ bracket. Olivia discussed some of the previous inventions we had worked on, and was met with only excitement and ambition to work with us.

They also boasted the positive social impact the factories have, including gender equality, high worker satisfaction and benefit programmes; creating a very attractive basis for trade. It is also worth noting that all 3 leading factories is Ghana have been founded by women, all of which are pictured here.

Olivia and Grace, owner of Maa Grace Garment

We are really looking forward to creating stronger relationships with the future of textile manufacture, as well as what seems to be a prosperous and progressive bond between the two nations.