Growing garden product ideas

May 3rd, 2022

Garden Product Trends 2022

As the weather improves, it’s a great time to get outside and immerse yourself in the world of gardening.

The Horticultural Trades Association, says that out of the 3 million new gardeners who emerged during lockdown, 2.3 million of them have continued their hobby into this year. With the ever-growing gardening community, the demand for gardening products continues to be high. According to Statista, in 2020, the estimated total value sales of garden products in the UK was £4.92 billion. By 2025, the total value is forecast to reach £6.66 billion.

These new gardeners bring with them new opportunities to create products to suit their gardening needs.

2022 garden product trends include blurring the line between indoors and out with products like small herb gardens for the kitchen window. These types of products are particularly popular with people who have limited outdoor space and enjoy cooking great food.

From cardboard potting containers to seaweed organic fertilizer, there is a continued emphasis on products that offer consumers more sustainable choices.

Many people are seeking to welcome wildlife into their gardens by planting bee-friendly flowers, installing bird feeders, and building bug hotels which provide shelter for insects.

Others are turning their lawn space into garden space, which has the power to significantly lower fossil fuel emissions that would otherwise be applied in the upkeep of a lawn. Whether it’s used as a pollinator garden or a vegetable patch, both have a great positive contribution to a more sustainable way of living.

Gardening product inspiration

With new trends come exciting new products. We have singled out one of our favourites below.

Birdbox with camera

Listed as one of the best garden gadgets for 2022 was a smart birdbox. Gardenature is a family run business supplying high quality, eco-friendly products designed for observing all forms of wildlife. Their IP camera birdboxes, stream live HD video from inside the birdbox to your phone or tablet. This innovative product allows involvement in the garden in an educational way, appealing to those who aren’t necessarily ‘garden lovers’!

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