Holiday product ideas ready for take off

April 29th, 2022

2022 Holiday Trends

Many travel experts have predicted that travelling will increase this year as restrictions ease and places go back to being open as normal in the UK.

One trend that has been listed for this year is more personal development retreats. After lockdown, many will use this year for self-care and improvement. To compliment this, taking on physical challenges will also be a goal for many with extreme expeditions selling fast.

Where new opportunities and experiences are arising, it’s aiding many people with the creation of new ideas.

On the travel essentials list for 2022, is the Aeropress Go Coffee maker. Coffee lovers are using it both on their morning commute and to take with them on weekends away. It consists of six components including a scoop, stirrer, filter papers and a plunger.

Innovative products

Whether you’re planning your getaway in the UK or abroad, making the preparation process as smooth as possible is always the aim. We have seen some products come to market which try to accommodate this aim such as the Trunki suitcase and jackets that let you wear your luggage, but is there a gap in the market for a new idea?

Trunki is a rideable suitcase for children. Creator Rob Law appeared on Dragon’s Den in 2006 but turned down the investment of half of what he was asking for. Ten years later he had sold more than three million suitcases in over 100 countries with a turnover of £9.5 million by 2018. His company magmatic now employs eighty people who work at his factory in Plymouth and Bristol head office.

How Innovate can help

If you have an idea that you feel people wouldn’t be able to live without, submit your idea to us today and our Innovation experts will be in touch on how we could help take it to the next stage.