Innovate Product Design attends International Home & Housewares show

March 8th, 2016

Innovate Design proudly will showcase some of our successful UK inventors at the 2016 International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago this year.

The 2016 show is held March 5-8th in Chicago, and Innovate Designs is proud to be a part of the event. As the show promotes new innovation and inventors from around the globe, this is a prime opportunity for some of the most innovative and successful inventors represented by Innovate Designs to be showcased. Amongst those to be exhibited this year are Fruit Tier, Lumipotti, Bungee Spongee, Hot Water Bottle Footwarmer, and Symagrips.

Barbara at International Home & Housewares Show

Fruit Tier

Fruit tier case study 2Inspired by the need to showcase and store fruit in a methodology that did not require fruit laying upon itself, the innovator of the Fruit Tier developed the product to meet this need. Not only does the design mimic that of the organic and natural apple core, but the functionality of the design allows for the fruit to be placed in a tier-like system so that each piece of fruit has its own space. This minimises rotting fruit at the bottom of a fruit bowl (which is commonly overlooked, especially if fruit is piled up upon itself in a bowl), bruising of fruit such as bananas from heavier fruit such as oranges, and allows for a personal stock to be taken of the fruit in the house to minimise superfluous spending.

To find out more about fruit tier click here.

Lumi Potti

lumi pottiToilet training a toddler can be a daunting task at times, especially at night when there is little more than a nightlight and a half-awake wobble into the bathroom or other area dedicated to training. With the Lumi Potti, the toilet is easily accessed 24 hours a day. The innovative design relies upon a removable nightlight at the top of the training toilet. The light has a photosensitive light sensor so that the light is only used when it is dark enough to require it. Unlike other products, which require that you purchase a brand new product should the light go out, the removable light works off of batteries, increasing the overall lifespan of the product.

More information on the Lumi Potti can be found here.

Bungee Spongee

bungee sponge2If you have ever lost a sponge while camping, fishing, kayaking, etc. then you know that it is a frustrating problem. For one, the sponge (if obtainable) has to be tracked down and put back into the boat. This takes away from the enjoyment of the day and builds frustrations and tension as you go fishing the dropped sponge back. When the sponge cannot be found, it poses an environmental problem as litter. As such, the bungee sponge was invented. With the Bungee Spongee, there is no longer a need for sponges to be lost. Simply attach the bungee to your boat, dock, or wrist and forget about the rest. The bungee sponge is available in angling, washing, fishing, and bail out sponge designs.

To find out more about the Bungee Spongee click here.

Toes Cozy, Hot Water Bottle Footwarmer

foot warmerBased off of the technology of Vagabond textiles, established in 1975, the footwarmer is a welcome addition to the brand. The footwarmer is a common sense solution to a winter problem. “How to keep warm in the house”. And where a robe and some scarves may keep you toasty somewhat, if your feet are not comfortable, the entire body will be uncomfortable. What is innovative about the Toes Cozy, Hot Waterbottle footwarmer is that it relies not upon electricity or batteries, but upon natural water and thermo insulation. Cozy Toes are available in several different sizes and styles.

To find out more information click here.


symagrips_adTruly innovative, the Symagrips adds a new level of safety to the workout and exercise world. Free weights typically are designed with a metallic diamond grip system. And where this does provide a level of safety, over time that grip deteriorates. Furthermore, the grips that come with weights are not catered to keeping the hand from slipping or for comfort; it is purely to reduce the risk of injury. The Symagrip is an alternative to the workout glove as well as the manufacturer metal on the bar. Designed with an easy to adjust functionality, the Symagrip can be used on larger bars or utilised on workout machines, which have foam, grips with little to no protection against the hand sliding.

To find out more or to see a video of the Symagrips in action click here.

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