Innovate Receives New 3D Printer

March 31st, 2014

Innovate’s New 3D Printer

Innovate recently took receipt of a new 3D Printer, meaning that we are now able to offer a much more refined, in-house, proof of principle prototyping service.

The HP Designjet 3D Color Printer marks the third 3D printer that Innovate have used in their product development processes. This range of 3D printers enables us to create precise, durable plastic models that enable evaluation of form, fit, and function right here in our Design Studio.

The Designjet allows Innovate to print larger models or more models in a job with a 33% larger build area than previous printers, print up to 30% faster than, thicker layers and choose from eight different and vibrant colours to create models, increasing the impact of the design when produced.

We thought we would give it a big warm welcoming by printing ‘Innovate’ as its first run! We hope you like the look of it and look forward to seeing your prototypes tested and developed using it.