Innovative new product ideas to take your pets on holidays with you.

June 3rd, 2014

By: Robyn Fairweather

Over recent years the UK has seen a shift from overseas holidays, to “Staycations”, for those not in the know that is holidaying here in the UK as opposed to travelling overseas.  And why not?

Not only does this give our economy a much needed boost, we have some of the most beautiful coastlines, national parks and best tourist attractions right on our doorstep.  The weather may be as unpredictable as, well, the weather, and your pennies may not stretch quite as far, but there is one distinct advantage for the 8 million dog owners in the UK and that is the number of options for taking your pet on holiday with you.

Like traveling with children, traveling with a dog requires planning.  You may be spared the constant “are we nearly there yet?” but there will still be whining (of a different sort), travel sickness, numerous toilet breaks and food and drink provisions to contend with.  Luckily there are a number of innovative products available to ease the stress and get your holiday off to a great start.

1 -The Gamma2 Pet Travel-Tainer is an excellent space saving solution for handling feeding at your destination.  The middle section holds enough food for up to two weeks, while two bowls for food and water attach at either end with a convenient carry handle

Gamma 2


2-While the Gamma2 Pet Travel-Tainer has its advantages, it’s not overly practical for roadside drinks or when at the beach.  These great H2O4K9 water bottles overcome this problem .  They fit perfectly in to car cup holders, backpacks and bike cages and the  patented lids are specifically designed to accommodate a dogs natural drinking style.




3- When it comes to carriers and bedtime, the Sleepypod has it all wrapped up.  It can be used as a travel seat and then converted to a bed on arrival.  This luxurious pet carrier also comes with optional extras, such as an electrical warmer for colder nights, an air mesh hammock for the warmer ones and absorbent, disposable travel pads for any little accidents.