Innovate launch first-of-its kind Invention Calculator App in the U.S. to great critical acclaim.

November 20th, 2013



The team here at Innovate are extremely excited to announce a project that we have been working very hard on over the last year. We are proud to introduce to you the Beta version of the Invention Calculator App, free to download and available for any smartphone from the App Store or Google Play Store and directly from our U.S. website

We are announcing it here first to give you a sneak preview of our Beta version and would welcome any comments or suggestions on how to improve it before we launch it officially in the U.K.

The Invention Calculator App was launched in the US on the 15th October 2013 and has been very well received by users, the industry and the press.  Tom Post from Forbes, the business magazine, described it as “clever” and  Lawrence Udell from the California Invention Center has said the following of the App – “I love the concept, since it is a really valuable, easy to use educational tool . Anyone who has ever had a new invention idea should try it.”

The Invention Calculator was invented and designed by Alastair Swanwick at Innovate Product Design after years of despairing over the lack of understanding people have of developing a new invention. It is an educational tool to help the individual innovator understand the global market potential and financial implications when exploring the different routes to take a new product idea to market.

How it works:
The new App can calculate the profit an inventor may receive by inputting the age, gender, geographic area and the price the consumer would pay for the product. The calculator uses a formula to calculate the estimated manufacturing cost and therefore the gross profit, and then demonstrates how this varies, dependent on the different business model or route to market that the inventor chooses to apply. The Invention Calculator has been designed exclusively by Innovate Product Design and has a patent pending in the US.

It is free to download to any smartphone from the App Store, Google Play Store or direct from the company’s U.S. website! Download it and try it today!