International Intellectual Property (IP) Day is April 26th

April 26th, 2016

Celebrating Intellectual Property Rights Worldwide

Intellectual Property or IP establishment is a bit debated. Where there are records that date back as far as 1624 in Britain, it is not until 1967 that the WIPO organization was formed and started to have a major part within the world of property rights. And while the big world of Copyrights, trade rights, property rights, and such are continuously evolving, we can all agree that their establishment has been a welcome addition to the world of commerce and innovation. To help bring awareness of IP, April 26th has become known as the international day to celebrate Intellectual Property.


WIPO or the World Intellectual Property Organization started the IP International Day in 1999. Since that time WIPO has celebrated the IP day with various themes. For 2016 the theme is Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined. The theme is quite fitting as companies, freelancers, and a majority of innovators are shifting from the traditional sketch boards, conference rooms, and in-house innovations to digital formats, it is paramount to the market that IP in the digital world be addressed.

This year WIPO is holding a Conference on the Global Digital Content Market in Geneva, Switzerland from April 20-22. The conference will build up to international IP day on the 26th. During the convention the WIPO will address:

  • Copyrighting in the digital market sector
  • Digital content and the impact it has had on the environment and upon innovators
  • The responsibilities and roles of creative publishers and producers on distribution platforms
  • Digital Sectors, markets, participation, and access to such platforms

After the conference, there will be several webcast on digital IP offered by the WIPO through their website. To find specific activities and find more information about the WIPOs official activities and podcasts visit their site.

What IP day means for innovators

IP international day is a great time for innovators and creative parties, especially those that work in the digital world, to gain information about IP essentials such as copyrights, trademarks, and securing properties. As the day is dedicated to IP awareness, several companies will be offering free advice and counseling online on how to start the IP process. For those which have put off doing research into IP services, now would be the time to gain information that can help your innovation, creativity, and ensure that you can work at what you love doing without hindrance (you can’t beat free).

What IP means to the IP industry

As the day is dedicated to IP awareness, companies which help with IP services can hone in on the day by providing content and services to make the global community more consciences of the importance of intellectual property rights. Because the theme for this year is oriented around digital creation, companies should focus their attention on freelancers, sole proprietors, and home businesses whose target market is secured digitally.

Are you unable to participate on the 26th? IP is a year round thing

Where the 26th is the international day for IP, you can and should focus your attention on IP year round. As intellectual property is an ongoing development, and your creative process will not shut down the rest of the year, being up to date on the latest practices and procedures, especially as it pertains to digital creation is important. There are several free consultation services and packets available online which you can take advantage of.

Where to start if you are in the digital market and confused

If you want to get involved in International IP day but are a bit confused of where to start, where you fit into the digital market, or if you are thinking about breaking into the digital creative market and want to ensure that you do so securely, you would do well to explore the WIPO website. Additionally, if you require information on starting the Copyright process you can request a free brochure for innovators through Innovate Design.

Innovate Design is dedicated to helping innovators particularly those within the UK obtain patent protection, prototyping, and commercialisation of their product. The company is a winner of the business innovation awards and has a fairly large portfolio of clients from all areas of the innovation and digital creation market.