Moms know how to be innovative and here’s the proof

June 27th, 2016

Inventions and products which were thought of innovative moms

If you have ever looked at the shelf of a retail store and saw something which just makes practical sense, especially if it is something that relates to children or to making tending for children easier, then the odds are that the product was birthed out of necessity. And while there are a great many male inventors (Thomas Edison for one), many of today’s new products are a result of a Mom getting frustrated with the limitations or lack of a product and branching out to find the solution to a problem on her own. Moms, if you have ever felt the frustrations of trying to get something accomplished or thought “I can do that better”, here are a few mom innovators to help inspire you to step out and develop that idea.

Racheal, Lumipotti

Lumipotti is an invention to help toddlers with potti training. Where nightlights and flashlights may be used at night to help a toddler find the potti, it is one more thing that a mom has to keep up with. Additionally, if the light does not work or if you forget to plug it in then you are left quite literally in the dark. Lumipotti was developed so that the training toilet could be found at any time of the day or night. While the idea may sound simple, it has tremendous rewards. The light on the toilet helps to keep children from stumbling around a bathroom (which is dangerous) as well as gives the child independence in going to the bathroom at night without having to be guided.

Sian Ellingworth, Buddies Toothpaste system

I have personally seen the havoc that a 2 to 4 year old can put on a bathroom if given a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste, and apparently Sian did as well. The buddies toothpaste system allows for children 2 and up to have portioned amounts of toothpaste, a two minute timer for correct brushing, as well as a few additives to make brushing fun. In addition to the portioning of the toothpaste (which is ideal for the parent) the innovator took into consideration that children are more apt to brush properly if the toothpaste does not taste like a mouthful of chemicals and so apple and hint of mint flavors were implemented.

Diane and Declan McDonnell,  Xpanda Bra

What if you do not have children? Innovation is not limited to the mom who already has a child, but to those who are expecting children as well. The Xpanda bra is a good example of how frustrations led to innovation. During pregnancy, the breasts fluctuate in size. For many this leads to several fittings and the need to purchase several bras, both prior to and after the necessity for breast feeding arises. With the Xpanda Bra, the woman can adjust the cup size of the bra to fit their breasts as they fluctuate. The additional breast feeding feature enables for feeding without having to restock the undergarments.

As a mom what do you need to know about being an innovative mom?

Being an innovative mom takes work. Yet, as a mom you are used to multi-tasking and taking on a challenge. To be an innovator you first have to have a problem and then you have to have a solution. Where you may have the idea, you have to be able to formulate that plan into an actual product or invention that is marketable. This requires both the development of your idea as well as the development of a brand to associate with your product or invention. Additionally, as an entrepreneur cost of production as well as patenting and licensing information should be considered. Of course, the most important aspect of the innovative process is who will use this product and why is it important that people have it? If there is not market for the product, why make it? Look for a need. Do not broadcast your idea, but see if the demand is out there. Research and see if there are similar products already available.

Do not be discouraged. Where there are a lot of considerations in becoming an innovative mom, there is help available. Innovative Designs has worked with several clients in all different areas of development. Whether you are looking to share an idea and have professionals tell you the best methodology for seeing it become a reality, or if you have the prototype of the product and need to have it tested by an engineer for manufacturing costs and sustainability, Innovative Designs can help. If you don’t’ know where to start, do not worry. Our free guide can help you get started. Should you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to ask us.