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January 27th, 2014

Client success stories of 2013

Have you ever seen someone launch a new product idea that you had thought of sometime before? Infuriating! If only you had taken action when you first thought of it. Last year, we heard this disappointment all too often. It was good news however for the list of Innovate clients below who managed to be the first to develop their idea and take it to market. We wish them many congratulations for their perseverance and making it happen.

2013 Highlights:

  • We launched our new Invention Calculator App in the US to great critical acclaim.
  • New service launched – Inventor Mentor – helping inventors with business advice on how to commercialise and sell their ideas.

Innovate would like to wish you a happy New Year and  all the best for a successful 2014 Best regards, Alastair Tel: 020 7354 5640

Below is a list of those that succeeded in getting their ideas to market.

We wish them all the success they deserve.

Dribble Stop

dribble stop top A unique, award winning, new top for babies which tackles the problem of sore and damp chests caused by dribbling and wet

Vex Box

vexbox Vex Box is a variable extension box for use with dry lining systems, enabling electricians to quickly and easily create up to 12 different extension boxes from a single

P3 SenTest

Licensing Agreement

SenTest has been especially designed to improve the two-point discrimination method that is used to determine peripheral nerve damage.


The Thunderklappa is the great new way to raise the atmosphere and crowd participation at every sporting event – big or small. Slip the elastic straps over your hands and get Klapping!

     Aqua Connect

Aqua Connect is a new way of increasing your fresh water resources. It is simple to use with no moving


FootMoose is the guitar training pedal used to help take out the frustration of learning guitar or any other musical instrument!

 Putta Pal

Putta Pal is a versatile, pocket size fabric pouch accessory that protects your putter in your bag and has multiple uses as you prepare to putt. It has all you need for a clean putting experience.

 Easi Bleed

Easi Bleed is a self drilling radiator air vent. Designed as a quick fix to broken radiator bleed valve, With no need to drain off your system.


A tubular flotation frame “man overboard” rescue device, to be used on any vessel whether in the leisure or commercial sector.

 Spacer Connect

The Spacer Connect is a tool designed to provide a fast, easy and reliable method of connecting back boxes when installing multiple sockets or switches.


Quick release rod change gear coupling a direct replacement for the standard item, doing away with the troublesome roll pins. It comes complete with high quality quick release clips.

 Sunny Mates

Sunnymates® Beach Towel Clips, the ideal solution developed to keep your towel on your sun lounger, on the beach, by the pool, or on board your cruise liner.


Designed for carrying hot plates for plate service in the Hospitality and Catering Industry, the GRABBGO is heat resistant to 200 degrees C.

 Style Profiles

Style Profiles has a range of flooring thresholds that will compliment all styles of vinyl flooring themes on the market. The product are made from a transparent, hard-wearing, and impact resistant polycarbonate.

 Julie Claire

Amibience uses this Patent Pending design to transform your ceiling or wall into your room’s most beautiful view.


WingAware helps prevent thousands of vehicle owners from having their wing mirrors and indeed their vehicle wings damaged on a daily basis, whilst parked on the roadside.


A flat colander to be placed in your kitchen sink. It catches peelings and food as you prepare, preventing the plughole from getting blocked.

 Speed Freq

The Freq Reflex improves tendon strength and elasticity and reduces running injuries such as shin splints and hamstring injury.

An update from some of our 2012 clients:  Topster

A brilliant non drip / spill top for milk bottles, great for children and the elderly. Now for sale in ASDA.


We use innovative design and materials to create heated gloves that give you the freedom to just get on with what you love. Lloyds TSB Best Enterprise Award for the South West

 BeltUp Kidz

A retrofit buckle that helps prevent young children from removing their arms for the shoulder straps of their car seats, buggies and highchairs. Belt Up Kidz – Shortlisted for multiple awards including Tesco’s “Mother and Baby” Best pushchair/Buggy Accessory.  Baggee

Small hollow rubber balls on key rings which hold up to 3 supermarket carrier bags or 20 nappy bags for dogs, so that you never forget your bags again. Received their patent GB2470422 in November Doing well with Doggee waste dispenser and working on an exciting licensing agreement.

 Xpanda Bra

Xpanda Bra® is a new revolutionary Maternity Nursing bra with individual adjustable cup sizes, so your bra continues to fit your body changes during & after pregnancy, especially when Breastfeeding. Xpanda Bra was given a great review on US blogging site for Moms –  Receiver of the Bizzie baby award. Licensing Agreement Roughneck Safety Grafter

These shovels are designed to reduce the risk of damaging all types of utilities whilst digging.  Lumi Potti

LumiPotti is the night-light potti for confident, nappy free kids.


Gigwam is a connectable tepee tent system, intended to be a camping product with many variations of use that are no currently available.


An iPhone case with a unique sliding shutter to prevent scratches and scrapes.

 The Moderator

The Moderator is a unique double-ring to help to cut down repetitive behaviours such as smoking, drinking or biting nails.  Chop Cloc

An easy to fit and use, low cost device that significantly reduces your heating bills and your carbon footprint.

 Sealwise Cabinets

100% waterproof construction board, antibacterial, watertight, environmentally friendly and perfect for hard wearing environments including hospitals, surgeries and schools.


A must have for people on the go, specifically designed for quick and easy conversion from a bag to a jacket whenever you need.


An inflatable pillow designed to aid restless sleep during all stages of pregnancy.

Dizzy Clear Pillow

The Dizzyclear pillow has been specially designed to self diagnose and treat vertigo (BPPV) in the comfort of your own home.

EasyAdaptive Wear

Snap button side opening underwear for men and women.

Joiner Bolt

A revolutionary new timber fixing which has more torque, doesn’t turn or fall out and is easier and faster.

Tow Buddy

My Tow Buddy attaches to your vehicle using the manufacturer tow-eye,


An update from some of our 2011 clients:


An award winning idea to improve productivity around the farm.

Diver Flare

A watertight canister containing a ready-to-use flare to assist a diver in an emergency situation.

 Conserve Cards

An eco friendly greeting card which can be used up to four times.


A range of innovative tools to make the job of slating a roof so much easier and safer.


 A unique strapping system that relieves pressure and tension from your hand whilst giving you ultimate grip on any object without the strain.

Jean Jems

 The clip simply slides over the buttons on most jeans to add sparkle to denim, combats, cords or any item of clothing with the same metal type button.

Patio DoorStop  A doorstop for patio doors, garages, gates, stable doors & bi-folding doors to prevent patio doors slamming open into outdoor walls.

 Bijou Box Company 

A jewellery box with interchangeable inserts ranging from bead rods to stack ring rolls to small compartments for charms. 


A funky clock which enables you to print and personalise the clock face.


This simple to fit attachment is both a safety device and an attractive awning which prevents patio doors from shutting unexpectedly and causing

 Tennis Rattle

A baby’s rattle in the shape of a tennis racket, helping to develop physical ability and coordination. Tennis Rattle is safe, fun and entertaining for babies to play with. 


A charging station for the multiple charging of up to six mobile products at a time, using a single plug socket.

 Chok Art

A small innovative device which allows chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and icing sugar to be applied as a topping to cappuccinos through shaped

 Cone Champ

A device for picking up sports marker cones. It makes clearing up after sports practice much quicker and easier.

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