Ridiculous Patent

July 10th, 2015

Personal propulsion device with hands free control WO2008063244


An improved personal propulsion device (11) that generally imparts thrust directly to the user (112). The device (11 ) allows hands free control of thrust magnitude and direction so both hands can grasp and control the handlebars and brakes of a bicycle (130), watercraft paddles, ski poles, etc. The device (11) is adjustable vertically, on the user’s back, higher to allow sitting in a canoe (131) or wheelchair and lower for standing on skates, skis, kick scooters etc. A user (112) on a bicycle (130) may prefer to lean forward for comfort and aerodynamics, a pivot block (31) compensates and delivers level thrust. A user (112) on a snowboard or skateboard (132) stands oblique to the direction of travel, an adjusting device (19) allows in line thrust. Both user’s hands and arms are free to balance, protect others by pushing off or break a fall.


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