Ridiculous Patent – Dog grooming salon chair

May 29th, 2015

Dog grooming salon chair – US2012210949

Do you have an ugly dog? Are you concerned that it’s appearance will mean that it will be teased and bullied by other dogs?

Then the dog grooming chair is here to help!

The dog grooming salon chair has a supported seat with a chair back and wherein the seat is dimension to receive and confine the hind rump portion of a dog in a seated position with the rear paws of the dog exposed forward for grooming. A forward protruding front paw tray is removably secured on the chair and positioned above the seat and dimensioned and adjustable to confine the chest area of the seated dog in relation to the chair back whereby the front paws of the seated dog are supported on the front paw tray for grooming. A tether is secured to the chair and detachably secured to the dog, as by a harness, and dimensioned to thereby retain the dog in the chair in a seated position for grooming.