Teen entrepreneur launches fashion app

May 13th, 2021

Teen entrepreneur Rebecca Mabbett created and launched her brand new app, R Reflections, and started a subsequent company in the same name, all before turning 20.

R Reflections is a virtual fitting room app that gives users personalisation to enable individuals to identify if clothes suit them, their body shape and skin tone.

Since the launch at the end of 2020, Rebecca has worked hard to get the word out there and has been featured on BBC news and has a heavy following on social media already. We are keeping an eye out for Rebecca and her app going far.

Where it began

“The idea of R Reflections first came about when I was on a family summer holiday back in August 2019. I ordered a few different items of clothing from various online clothing retailers. However, when I tried the clothes on for the first time, half of them, either didn’t suit me, my body shape, or my skin tone.”

She came up with the idea for an app that does all the trying on for you, so eliminating the most frustrating element of online shopping.

Rebecca contacted Innovate Design, we worked closely with her to create the app, which is gaining more and more traction on the app market.

Read more on the development process here.

A deeper message

For Rebecca, the idea fashion element is of course important, but there were always more driving forces in the making of R Reflections.

“My idea places the clothes on the end user and their different body features, not on a model. This is because everyone is diverse and different and no body is exactly the same size, shape and skin colour.”

Rebecca also hopes this will help sustainability by reducing the environmental impact in returning unwanted goods, including postage and waste.

Where next?

There seems to be nothing stopping this young inventor-turn-entrepreneur. With a BBC interview under her belt, a thriving social media presence and links with more and more clothing retailers, this girl is one to watch.