The Apprentice starts Wednesday 14 October on BBC 1

October 12th, 2015

A student, a Victoria Beckham wannabe and a builder: The Apprentice is hitting our screens again and viewers are in high anticipation as there is a new member of the panel in town and eighteen fresh outspoken candidates ready to face Lord Sugar.
The wait is almost over as we wait for eighteen hopefuls to settle into boardroom for the latest series of the best business related programme on the TV, The Apprentice. As a massive fan of the show it is good to see there is a large number of business leaders and entrepreneurs waiting to prove their worth and stand up tall against the panel lead by Lord Alan Sugar.
Waiting to impress the panel and looking to set their eyes on the lucrative £250,000 investment is a specialist in hair extensions who idolizes Victoria Beckham and funny enough a sales man who claims no one has met anyone just like him before.
It will be the job of Lord Sugar and his highly experienced advisor, Karen Brady and Claude Littner (he is no stranger to this programme) to find the top of the crop from these colourful contenders as they carry out a number of tasks set each week.
Let’s meet this year’s apprentices
Of the nine girls there is a thirty year old girl called Aisha Kasim who is the owner of a hair accessories company specialising in hair products (wigs and hair extensions). She originates from Nigeria but she moved to the UK at the tender age of fifteen. Known as being a successful business owner she is also the proud inventor of a heated hair product which is a bun that curls hair.
She could be one to watch out for especially on the advertising projects as she has previously written a jingle especially for her hair bun invention. We look forward to seeing what she has to offer over the coming months.
This is the same professional that has stated Victoria Beckham has her idol. She loves the former Spice Girl who has since turned into a fashion designer. Alisha has followed her success and credits Victoria Beckham for everything she does.
Another candidate to watch out for is Elle Stevenson who is only twenty one. She sees herself as a ‘geezer bird’. There is a common theme amongst the ladies as her idol is pop star Taylor Swift. Elle, a construction executive and also the youngest of all the candidates states that Taylor Swift is the one and only business lady of the twenty first century.
As we head over to the boys we have Scott Saunders, a twenty seven year old who is completely obsessed in making a million pounds and is a self-motivator. This Hertfordshire born sales man is so confident that he will stand out that he has promised people will never have seen anyone like him before.
In the opening episode of the 2015 series the boys and girls will be heading to London’s fish market; Billingsgate Market where it will be their responsibility to get the best deals (no surprise there) before dishing out some food to the hungry workers in England’s capital.
But there is a twist; the teams will not be boys v girls as in previous series. It will be good to see what impact this has on the group from the very beginning as we are very used to seeing cat fights as the strongest try to overpower the weaker ones in the group. Will this still happen when the groups are mixed from the very beginning?
We look forward to seeing whether Lord Sugar and his team find the next entrepreneur and whether the show is a success as seen in previous years.
Who is going hear the famous words first? “you’re fired”. But one thing is for sure; Lord Sugar would be lost without his right hand lady, Karen Brady.
Often seen as the voice of reason in the boardroom she always manages to look super stylish. In previous years fashionistas watching the show have spotted her wearing Alessandra Rich and Stella McCartney but we have already seen that this year she seems to be getting fashion tips from the one and only Duchess of Cambridge.
In promotional videos she has been seen wearing an iconic dress by The Fold, a favourite blue dress as previously worn by Kate for an engagement party. Check out the flattening detail around the waist as well as the bold shade which is perfect for the big boardroom.
It is hardly a surprise that Karren has opted for a dress by The Fold, it is a design label favourited also by Samantha Cameron and Kim Murray.
But let’s get back to business the first episode is on BBC1 and scheduled to start on Wednesday 14 October. Who will be your favourite contestant?

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