Innovate Client Vex Box Launches

November 20th, 2013

Innovate Client Vex Box has now launched

Vex Box is a universal template for single or double socket boxes, providing a tidier and more efficient method of installation. Whether it’s new builds or refurbishments, the surrounding wall can be finished to a superior standard, as the product extends the box to be flush with the plasterboard.

The Vex Box comfortably fits both single or double electrical socket boxes and is manufactured from V0 rated high impact polystyrene. Offering a handy depth guage for efficient installation with 2mm depth adjustments, the Vex Box is easy to use as well as being strong and durable once constructed.

Vex Box came to Innovate in 2011 with simply an idea for an innovative product, Innovate assisted with a Worldwide Patent Search followed by Design and Visualisation of the product and Drafting of an initial UK patent application.

Two years after the initial idea submission was made Vex Box has now launched and is available from in packs of 10 or 50.