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March 30th, 2022

Companies and governments around the globe are racing to invest in innovative technologies

Solutions to address energy security and climate change have never been more important.

Companies and governments around the globe are racing to invest in exciting, innovative technologies to produce energy, or use it more efficiently.

Some of the ideas already in development might have sounded like science fiction just a few years ago.

From Fortescue developing an “Infinity Train” that recharges itself when moving downhill to Quaise’s plans for ultra-deep drilling to provide limitless geothermal energy, the energy industry has never been so inspiring.

Dr Forrest said: “The Infinity Train aims to move business leaders and politicians globally to the realisation that fossil fuel is just one source of energy and there are others now. For example gravitational energy, which is more efficient, lower cost and green.”

Infinity train source: New Atlas

Long-term measures to increase security centre around reducing dependence on one source of imported energy and increasing the number of suppliers. Many countries are looking at ways to become less dependent on others too, generating their own energy supplies. For example in Iceland, where they plan to become energy independent by 2050 through 100% renewable energy.

Thomas Kelly – Innovation Expert at Innovate

Source: Quaise Energy

All of these exciting innovations started with someone pitching their idea.

The world needs people with big ideas to make a difference, and it’s our job to help them.

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