Xpanda Bra – maternity nursing bra launches

February 7th, 2013

Innovate Design are delighted to announce that one of our clients has launched his new product, Xpanda Bra®.

Xpanda Bra® – The ultimate comfort maternity nursing bra for today’s nursing mother

Xpanda Bra® is a new unique adjustable nursing bra which allows for the increase of the cup size to accommodate the fluctuation in the breast size during breast feeding.

Xpanda Bra® allows the wearer to increase and decrease the cup’s volume to provide maximum comfort and support via some simple adjustments.

Xpanda Bra® is crafted from smooth high quality cotton, and was specifically designed for a breastfeeding mother who is away from her child when her breasts fill with milk and therefore does not have the option of feeding or the opportunity to express. She simply adjusts to the suitable cup size and will get instant relief from any discomfort, pressure or pain caused by her cup size being too small. It is also ideal for use with breast pads or shells when that extra space is needed.

Xpanda Bra® gives the nursing mother the best support, it’s easy for her to use and gives her the greatest confidence. It can also be used as an ordinary maternity and nursing bra when adjustments are not needed and still feel comfortable from the smooth high quality cotton.

With Xpanda Bra® a simple and quick adjustment to the cup is all it takes to ensure a perfect fit, so it feels comfortable and therefore boosts confidence without the need of any other aids. This bra has a patent pending and its simple but unique adjustable cups makes Xpanda Bra® the ultimate breastfeeding bra for today’s nursing mother.

 Visit the Xpanda Bra®  website.

Xpanda Bra® was designed and developed with the help of Innovate Product Design.

“I first contacted Innovate Design with my idea to see if it could be taken further and their response was extremely quick and professional. They brought my product from my rough sketches, to a fully functional prototype, with a granted European and UK registered design, along with a UK and PCT Patent pending. Innovate has helped and given advice and they are always only a phone call away. Innovate is very professional, extremely quick and their costs are more than reasonable. All the team are a credit to Innovate. I would advise anyone who has a product or idea in mind and wants to carry it forward to contact Innovate. I would highly recommend Innovate to everyone who wants their idea to come reality.” Declan McDonnell, Xpand Bra creator.