Product Design

Product Design Development at Innovate

It can be important to develop the idea, looking at materials, manufacturing methods, functionality and aesthetic form prior to applying for protection. The process will help to resolve principle technical issues and is a core part of the correct development of a project. As a result, such design work will help the product to gain credibility and inspire confidence in investors, licensees or manufacturers.

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Aesthetic Appeal VS Functionality

At Innovate, we can help you develop your idea into a concept which has the right balance between form and function. Our process is devised to allow your design to evolve and grow over time. Through gaining market feedback with the presentation material and prototypes we can make for you. In addition you will learn more about your target market, and discover what to prioritise when it comes to form vs. function.

For products which are designed to be embedded and not seen such as a water pressure sensor, we would focus more on function. For products on display, a striking aesthetic makes it stand out from the crowd. However if the practicalities turn out to be too difficult and therefore functions poorly, there is a risk of gaining a bad reputation or negative reviews.

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Electronic Engineering

It has never been more important to invest in electronic solutions to allow your product to maintain its place in the modern world.

Here at Innovate, we can design circuits and manipulate electrical current to perform specific tasks in communications, automation and much more.

We excel in implementing and programming embedded systems to fit the design specification of the customer. We provide studies into feasibility of the product and conduct research in order to fully comprehend the challenges and opportunities that may arise through the design process.

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Materials and Fabrication

Understanding the target market, its needs and the functional requirements of your invention are important factors in selecting the most suitable material.

Innovate have a number of experienced designers, with a wealth of knowledge in materials and fabrication needs.

We have brought many products to market in a variety of different sectors for both mass production and small-scale prototyping.

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For more information on how Innovate can help you with prototyping please see our prototyping services page.