Design Services

Through our tailored design services, we can develop your idea from initial concept to manufacture including design development, prototyping and sourcing manufacturers. Our team of experienced product design engineers can visualise and develop your idea with prototyping and manufacture in mind.

We can review your idea free of charge and give you the best options to commercialise it, under confidentiality agreement.

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Product Design

From initial concept to manufacture, our Product Design team develop and refine your idea adding value and credibility to your project.

Our services can help you resolve principle technical issues, establish appropriate materials and components, develop the aesthetic of the product, produce prototypes of the idea to test and refine the design ready for manufacture.

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Fabric Product Design

Innovate’s team of fabric product designers are here to help you commercialise your product idea. With expert knowledge of fabrics and specialised skills in pattern drafting, we can help make your product a success. When you are ready, we can connect you with specially selected manufacturing partners, organise quotes and help you prepare for your first production order.

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App Design

There are many different strategies for taking an app to market, at Innovate we focus on a Lean approach, allowing you to test your product idea and check it is commercially viable before moving forward to launch. Innovates team of UI and UX designers and developers can help you visualise, develop, and launch your app.

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Board Games

Our board game design process can take you from an initial concept to a board game prototype all the way to manufacture. Our experienced Product and Graphic designers can visualise and develop your idea, artwork and logo, source customizable off the shelf components to lower you manufacturing cost and produce a manufacture quality prototype for you to test with your target market.

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